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Harvest Hosts RV Camping


Copper Cannon Distillery is a proud member of the Harvest Hosts family. Harvest Hosts is a membership program that invites self-contained RVers to have unique overnight stays at wineries, breweries, farms and more!

Located in scenic West Chesterfield NH, we are worth the drive from anywhere in New England. Our most frequent guests are from MA, VT, NY, CT, ME, and PA.

We offer tours and tasting of our product and we have an area to have a picnic complete with picnic tables. We can also pull out the cornhole boards if people are looking to play cornhole.

General Info

  • Total spaces available: 3

  • Parking surface type: gravel

  • Pets Allowed


  • Spirits Tasting & Sales

  • Picnic Area

  • Electricity is available for a charge


View our profile on the website to Request a Stay or sign up to be a member.

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