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Who We Are

Copper Cannon Distillery is an award-winning, family-owned, distillery in West Chesterfield, NH, specializing in hand-crafts premium rum for people that appreciate outstanding quality and want to have a good time!  We want our customers to make special memories while enjoying our product with their friends and family. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to craft New England's most exceptional hand-crafted rum and to share our passion for distilling through fun, educational tasting experiences. 

Why Copper Cannon?


  • All of our spirits are mashed and distilled on-site.

  • We use high-quality and local ingredients when possible to enhance the subtle flavors.

  • We use premium charred oak barrels and a carbon filtration system, adding complexity and smoothness to our aged products.  

  • Award-winning spirits! Learn more>

  • Great bourbon or whiskey alternative for half the price. 

  • Similar to a whiskey without the throat burn, our premiums rums are smooth and versatile; enjoy them straight or mixed in a cocktail. 

  • A fun, intimate, and educational tour and tasting experience.

  • Always something new to try! 

  • Sip and stay - RV camping availability, perfect for the open road traveler or a weekend getaway couples retreat. Learn More >

Our History

It all started back in 2010, after Louisiana-born turned New England native, Blake Amacker, and his cousin Chris Arnold took a distillery tour while on a boy's trip to Ireland.  Both engineers by day, the cousins quickly took a liking to the distilling process and all it's moving parts.  And just like how many great ideas are born, they decided to start their own distillery over a few drinks!  They had a vision for a distillery that focused on bringing back the tradition of artisanal spirits while adding their own unique southern charm to the process. 

The cousins had a passion for spirits well before their trip to Ireland and Blake had years of experience making beer for fun, so it didn't take long for the boys to get to work. They began researching 'How-To' handbooks, history textbooks, and technical journals on distilling.  Blake also volunteered at reputable distilleries around the country, finding master distillers as mentors and receiving hands-on training. In 2012, the pair designed and built their first little still and nicknamed it "the Copper Cannon". This allowed them to further experiment with different mashes, tweaking methodologies, and fine-tuning their craft. Chris then went on to pursue his master's degree in marketing for the business-side of the distillery. 


By 2016, they were ready to find a proper home for their distillery and found the perfect spot; a beautiful New England Barn in scenic West Chesterfield, NH. They decided to go with a 250-gallon, stainless steel modular production still, allowing them to produce a variety of different spirits, with special emphasis on producing premium hand-craft New England style rums. They spent a couple more years fermenting, distilling, and aging premium spirits in the barn. On January 20th, 2018, Copper Cannon Distillery was ready to open to the public, offering tastings, tours, and a good time! 

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